Don’t Be Late – Live Stream Soon!

Dear Insane Children, 

We’re hosting a Live Stream over on my Twitch Channel at 7PM PST. 

Lots to discuss and some interesting news to share! 

Plus, we’ll do a sneak peek at the Scruffy Bumps animated theme song! 

And we’ll check out all the latest art from Alice: Asylum… like the image above from Omri. Of which he says: 

these American- UNFINISHED images because tomorrow you got a stream so can use them.

?to remind you guys, these are the “Single clogged memory” and the “Schematics” of the whole location. we don’t have a properly designed location schematics image as we designed this place and changed it as we went along the design area. so i’ll make some kind of cute black and white design, i also think This will present the idea for the clogged area.

?this place is so complex there must be a schematic image, i wouldn’t of understood what goes where just by looking at the art.?

?i want the boss fight to be when the player will need to jump from platform to platform, each platform is a box / memory. so the sky of the mech is full of boxes and everything is very airy.

?the rising up boxes and the clogged area and the underground forest and the brain tree, properly placed in and designed-

Cool stuff!

See you on the stream soon! There WILL BE PRIZES!

From Shanghai with Black Eye Goo,


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