Chaos in the Vale of Pigs

Dear Insane Children, 

Some really amazing artwork flowing from the Alice: Asylum pre-production team this week. Starting with an illustration from Omri based on the following art task: 

25.4) Narrative / Combat Design Scenes // Alice’s encounters the Chaos in the Vale – Pig Slaughter – From Page 93, Line 4-17

?Art Task Briefing and Output:
??Create a narrative scene of Alice navigating the waters with Mockturtle. Show dead pigs and slaughtered pigs in this scene. Horror, violence and darkness themed.

?The true enemy at this stage is the Chaos and Shadow. Not the pigs. The Chaos Creatures and Shadow has killed the Pigs. Alice fights the Chaos in this scene.

And he included a WIP sketch element that I absolutely LOVE… 

Even as-is I would love to have this printed and hanging on a wall in the house… maybe in Lucky’s room? Hahah. 

Joey also turned in a nice piece in the continuing series of scenes related to Alice’s childhood memories…

Now for the bad news…

There will be NO Live Stream this week nor the following week. This is partly due to personal selfishness (I am going camping one more time before the weather turns too cold) – and family obligations (we need to travel to Yan’s hometown for some business related to her mum and dad). 

But we should be back on November 11th (Hong Kong Time). And that should hopefully give me enough time to diagnose and repair whatever was wrong with our Livestream rig last time around. 

And I hope we’ll have some meaningful updates on narrative, biz dev, and other fun topics. In the meantime, the art updates will continue to flow!

From Shanghai with Pigs, 


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