Better Dangerous than Meek

Dear Insane Children,

Adam finished the illustration in which we see the Shadow Self become Alice’s dominant personality. This is described in the Narrative Outline as a protective action by her psyche. And it explains how/why it is that the Alice we know (from the games) is actually Shadow Alice. The Child Self has been submerged, protected deep within the subconscious, for most of the time we see Alice in AMA and AMR. So this is an important moment – the birth of the Alice we all know and love.

And it’s important to note that The Shadow isn’t necessarily evil. But it is completely necessary. If you try to live life denying your shadow, you make yourself vulnerable to those who are completely consumed by theirs. We live in relatively “soft” times – speaking from a historical perspective – where a lot of people can get by without ever engaging their Shadow. But when chaos comes to them – and it always does – they are ill-prepared to defend themselves. 

My personal experience with this is deep and painful. I watched my sisters raised in a household where The Shadow was denied in full. An orthodox bubble where “worldly” influences were forbidden. Similar to the tale of Snow White – where her parents rejected the presence of Maleficent at her christening. Maleficent being the embodiment of nature, chaos, and shadow. 

My sisters were, as a result, completely unprepared for any interaction with reality. And what followed was, well, truly tragic. 

So… better embrace your shadow. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think. Have you embraced your Shadow? Or found yourself in situations where you wish you had (or were glad you had)? 

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