Jigsaw Poll

Dear Insane Children, 

Font Lord here again with a follow up to the jigsaw post from a few days ago.

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.
We’re already doing some of them and looking into others, while also asking for a sample from the factory and all the usual good stuff we do before making a product.

We have compiled a selection of prints we think would be good below.
Please vote for what you think would make a good jigsaw.
(Also please note that some of the images would need to be adjusted to fit in the 70cm x 50cm template we have to use)

Again, we have no way to moderate how many votes you cast, but please choose your top THREE only.

And as usual, we reserve the right to use this as a guide only and make a decision ourselves should we determine that be necessary. 

– Cheers 

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