Leeloo McGee – The Littlest Insane Child

Dear Insane Children, 

Say hello to your newest co-inmate in the Asylum!

??? – (Leeloo McGee) arrived at 10PM Beijing Time on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022!

She was 3.82kg and 51cm at birth. And arrived after an extremely quick labor/delivery of ~2 hours!

We’ve been a little preoccupied (as you might imagine) since her arrival. And just now starting to get back into the regular work groove. That means catching up on emails, clearing out old creative tasks, etc. 

The situation in Shanghai is kinda-still-the-same… we’re still in Lockdown. But things do appear to be improving? We’re hearing rumors that this whole thing should be OVER by the end of May. Certainly hope so! 

But in the meantime… Leeloo’s just started to open her eyes. Lucky is enjoying the lovely weather in the backyard. And Lulu is being a protective big sister. 

From Shanghai with a Lot of Love,

-Lucky & Leeloo & Lulu

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