Sleep No More

Dear Insane Children, 

As Martin mentioned in the last update, we are “free” – but some of us are freer than others. While it’s true that we have freedom to move around the city… I’m lacking in a certain critical freedom unique to our household: Freedom to Sleep! 

I guess you could say I am free *from* sleep. I don’t even know if I am making sense. What I’m trying to say is, Leeloo is keeping us awake all day and night. Compared to Lucky, she’s a handful (multiple handfuls). But we’re hoping this phase passes quickly and we can get back to our regular sleep schedule. 

Speaking of schedules, yeah, we might be back to our regular Live Stream schedule soon. Mainly up to Martin… he has to decide when he’s ready to commit to visiting our house… and potentially ending up trapped here if there’s another sudden lockdown. 


The Alice: Asylum pre-production team continues to crank out tons of great art.

This is a character simply referred to as “The Lord.” You get to kick his butt… but in his brain. I don’t want to say more because (spoilers). But if you’re interested in knowing where he fits into the Asylum narrative, you’ll find him in Narrative Outline (right at the end). 

Alice does some freaky Otherlands stuff to him. Don’t worry… he deserves it. Awesome art by Adam. 

And speaking of Otherlands… the creature sketch above from Norm is an idea for the sort of monsters we’ll find lurking inside the mind of Radcliffe. 

A top hot guy with pens for legs who spews money. What did you expect to find inside the mind of a lawyer? 

And when you run into these kinds of monsters… you’ll need weapons and AMMO:

Those are ammo ideas from Gareth (yeah, he’s doing art on Asylum again!). These would be projectiles used by the Croquet Mallet weapon. 

Ok, that’s it for now. I need to go drink more coffee. 

From Shanghai with Zzzzz, 


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