2022’s Double Print Reminder

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with your reminder that the next print we’re doing (October Patrons charged in November) is a fantastic double-print as we do every year at this time. Yay!

The header image of this post shows the prints in all their glory.
I don’t think they have names yet though, I’ll have to ask American, and yes, they are two separate prints and not 2 pictures on 1 print.

So if the double print month tickles your fancy, make sure to be at the $75 level BEFORE THE END OF OCTOBER. There’s no reason not to make the change now since you won’t be charged until early November anyway, so waiting until 11:59pm on Oct 31st to change is unnecessary.

A couple of other things of note.

1) If this will be your first time ever at the $75 level, we’ll also send you a Hysteria Rabbit + Bag. 

2) These two prints will be going into the Mysterious Store and also the 3x$35 Tier choice as well in November, but only as single prints, not a double offer.

3) Yes, you can change your tier again to whatever tier you like after you have been successfully charged the $75 in November.

And that’s all there is about the 2022 Double Print for Patreon, but speaking of ‘Double Prints’…

We have had to make some more space on our art shelves in the warehouse, and as such 4 older prints have been permanently removed from Mysterious and the 3×35 tier selection and the remaining stock has been combined into the following 2 products.

CHAOS ALICE + GUILT DRESS (10 remaining at the time of writing)


COLLAPSING CHURCH + TEA PORT (5 remaining at the time of writing)


Hope you’re all doing well.
Big hugs from Shanghai   🙂 


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