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  • Pirate Jam -Episode 1

    Pirate Jam kicks off at Lanta Old Town. We’ve met up with our 6 guests and introduced them to life aboard the boats. Next we’ll sail to the first beach location for the start of the actual jam. Lots of exciting adventure, game development, and fun ahead.

  • Vlog #29 – Pirate Jam Episode 0

    Posting from Lanta Old Town in Thailand with the pre-episode for Pirate Jam. Tomorrow 6 developers from around the world will arrive on the island and then jump about two sailboats for a week of swimming, sailing, game development, and fun.  Sailing friends Liz and Jamie are along for the adventure. You can check them…

  • Sailing, dining, and walking around Portsea – Vlog #28

    We sail Dan’s Couda Boat around Port Phillip Bay in Portsea. Yeni and Amanda make a wonderful Chinese dinner. And we walk along the “outback” beach in the Morningside National Park 😉 

  • A very special Christmas – Vlog #27

    Christmas Eve and Day 2016 – we run errands, get a haircut, work on Dan’s Couta Boat, and… Yan and I have a very special announcement… A very happy holiday indeed!

  • Bondi Beach & Travel to Melbourne

    This is Vlog #26. Yeni and I continue our adventures around Sydney before heading to Melbourne for Christmas with friends Dan and Amanda. In this vlog we see Bondi beach, buy shoes, and recover lost luggage. 

  • Pre-Christmas in Sydney

    Yeni and I travel to Sydney to meet with our friends Dan & Amanda. We see the sites before traveling to Melbourne for Christmas.