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  • Vlog #2

    In this vlog we talk about Lulu, seek out jackhammer noise, visit the Shanghai camera market, and zip through the city on an electric scooter. A typical Saturday, ultimately interrupted by a typical noise. Only 2 days remain before I head off to Thailand where I’ll be getting the boat ready for an outing, prepping […]

  • Captain’s Vlog #1

    Dear Patrons,  Huge apologies for not uploading this first Vlog to Patreon at the same time I posted it on YouTube. Still getting used to this whole Patreon thing!  More importantly, I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to each of you who’ve signed up to be Patrons so early on. It means […]

  • Prelude to Adventure

    I woke at 04:30 this morning and took a scooter ride through Shanghai to the Bund. Lulu came along with me, probably wondering why we were out so early.  This was a special dawn, because it marks the end of one adventure and the start of another. This morning I announced the closure of Spicy […]