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  • One Year On…

    My head spins to think about everything that’s happened in the last year. On this date 1 year ago I left Lamma Island, Hong Kong and moved to Shanghai. The intent was to help my buddy Xin start his outsourcing company Vykarian, and to launch a new game studio of my own called Spicy Horse. […]

  • Yellow Mountain – Company Trip

    Last weekend, as part of a Spicy Horse team building adventure, we took the company to China’s equivalent of the Grand Canyon – Yellow Mountain. Also known as Mt. Huangshan, Yellow Mountain refers to an area of scenic mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and gorges in Anhui province. Our adventure began at the Spicy offices in Shanghai. […]

  • New Office

    Two weekends ago Spicy Horse Games picked up and moved to a new home. We had been sharing office space with game art outsourcing company Vykarian. But both companies have been growing too quickly, so we moved. We got lucky and were told of a cool space which had been occupied by a film/tv production […]

  • Vykarian + Spicy Horse Team

    Whew! That’s a lot of people. The Shanghai Vykarian/Spicy team has grown to over 120 people since the start of the year. If you’re looking for a great photographer in Shanghai, be sure to check out Primo’s website or email him at primoyuan [at] – He took some great pictures of our office and […]

  • Mainstream Download

    AP News is featuring an article discussing the (re-)emergence of mainstream downloadable game content. Mention is made of GameTap and the Grimm project. GRIMM FUTURE: If you want a really enormous library of classic games, however, you need to turn on your PC and head over to GameTap. The online service owned by Turner Broadcasting […]

  • Poke, Poke, Prod

    Welcome to Shanghai, now bend over. Yesterday we went to the doctor. But it was more like an assembly line of poking and prodding. A model of Chinese scale and efficiency. The goal: To be certified as healthy, happy, and sane before acquiring our China live/work visas. At the beginning things were pretty standard for […]