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  • Gamasutra Talks to Rick Sanchez

    Mmmm… burgers… Gamasutra has a great line in their description of Grimm, and it’s one I wish I’d written myself (it’s so cute): “… In between those tellings is an unexpectedly gameplay-driven experience that is reminiscent of Katamari Damacy in its dynamic – except, instead of rolling a ball around, you are (apparently) peeing on […]

  • New Spicy Horse Website

    Spicy Horse has a new website! You can check it out here: The site was built by a company in Shanghai called Mediaman. It took us almost a year to search through local web development houses before finding their team. During that time several companies built proposals and test sites – the results were […]

  • Games For Windows – Podcast

    Games for Windows is hosting an audio interview they did with me during GDC: Welcome to GFW Radio, the podcast homepage for Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. Here, through the glorious magic of the Internet, you can listen to the GFW editors and occasional guests pontificate and yammer about all sorts of PC game related issues. […]

  • Spicy Shirt

    Chinese New Year is fast approaching. At the end of this month Spicy Horse will have it’s annual Chinese New Year company dinner. In China this is a time for eating, drinking, celebrating, and the giving of “Red Envelopes”. These envelopes are called “Hong Bao” symbolize blessings and good fortune. Red is itself a color […]

  • Rocking Horses

    It’s official. We love Rock Band. Despite it not being available in Shanghai, EA’s insistence on region locking their games, and other obstacles – we managed to get our hands on a setup. To say we’re happy would be an understatement. We just *really* hope the drums don’t break too fast. Here you see (left […]

  • Grimm on GameSpot UK

    Emma Boyes over at GameSpot UK has put together a nice interview piece where we talk about Grimm, digital distribution, and life in Shanghai. From the article: In 2006, McGee moved lock, stock, and barrel to Hong Kong and then on to Shanghai, where he set up his development studio Spicy Horse. From there, he […]