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Grimm Episode 12 – “Cinderella”

Cinderella (Dark)

Dark Cinderella

Grimm’s back! This week he’s adding his dark touch to the uber-classic “Cinderella”. This was actually one of the first episodes we built for Grimm – but because it was so early, it turned out really rough. So we completely scrapped the original design, rebuilt the entire thing, and pushed the release date to NOW.

And in following what has become another weekly tradition, here’s David Craddock over at BigDownload giving us a positive review of the latest episode: “After a bit of moping around due to her abhorrent mistreatment at the hands of her step-mother and step-sisters, Grimm’s antagonistic aura injects Cinderella with a bit of spunk. Rather than simpering when she can’t go to the ball, Cindy gets peeved and punches a villager in his jaw. The unfortunate victim of circumstance flies backward and becomes wedged in the rump of the horse pulling the step-sisters’ ball-bound carriage. This humorous sequence of event culminates with the startled animal unleashing a spray of urine that drenches the sisters.”

Um yeah. Grimm’s sick like that.

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