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  • The Gate needs Stars (5 would be nice)

    Hell needs your love! Specifically it needs your “5 Star Rating” love. Since launching on Facebook (and limited release to iOS) The Gate is really heating up. Around the world people are discovering going to Hell is lots of fun. And now, The Gate is available in the Facebook App Center… and that means you […]

  • Play THE GATE Right Now

    The latest game from Spicy Horse is now available on Facebook – and coming soon to iOS and Android worldwide. “The Gate” combines the action and strategy of an RTS with the collection mechanics and battles of a CCG. Not sure what all that means? Don’t worry… it’s simple and fun: you collect, train and […]

  • Opening The Gate

    What happens when you combine traditional Card Collecting Game (CCG) mechanics with elements of Real Time Strategy (RTS) and send the result to Hell? You get “The Gate,” an awesome new game some describe as “Pokemon in Hell.” “The Gate” has been in development at Spicy Horse Games since the start of 2013 – and […]