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State of the Horse, March 2012

Know what’s incredible? Spicy Horse is preparing to release not one… not two… but THREE new games in 2012! It’s been a wild ride since the end of development on “Alice: Madness Returns”. Back then, the studio escaped certain death. We were lucky enough to secure investment from solid, committed partners. And for all of 2011 the team cranked away on new titles for a new generation of gaming platforms.

Here’s what’s coming in 2012:

BigHead BASH” is competitive multiplayer deathmatch action set in a toy store – for the adrenaline junkies out there. It’s filled with original toy concepts and awesome licensed content from bands, brands, games and comics. BHB is the online toy store of the future. You can check it out right now: bhb.spicyhorse.com

“Akaneiro: Demon Hunters” is an online, lite-RPG based on a dark, Japanese themed Red Riding Hood – for those of you who are quest & collect fans. If you liked the dark, twisted atmosphere of the “Alice” series, you’ll love this adaptation of “Red”. Expect this online and on Tegra-powered Android tablets.

Lastly, “Crazy Fairies” combines comedy and fairy tales with turn-based multiplayer “Worms” style game play. This one will be playable across ALL mobile devices (iOS, Android), online, and on social networks (like Facebook).

Personally, I think these titles are set to revolutionize the way people think about “browser games” – and “Facebook games” in particular. Cool themes, super high quality art and really fun online game play. A little something for everyone in this lineup! The devs here at Spicy Horse are delivering on the promise – AAA quality games in your browser, on your mobile device.

Stay tuned for more news here and on our main Spicy Horse site. It’s going to be an exciting year!