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Grimm Comic Episode #2

Issue 2 Cover (Templesmith)

Templesmith Grimm Cover

Dwight MacPherson wrote to let me know a new episode of the Grimm comic books is on its way. He sent along this little blurb:

Chaos ensues as Grimm enters the romantic comic book world! Join Larry and Sally as they struggle to survive a flesh-craving duck attack, a senile taxicab driver and an army of puppies to be together. Will true love be enough to conquer Grimm? I wouldn’t bet on it!

Issue 2 will be available in comic shops in the United States in June.

If fans want to pre-order the book, they can do so through their local comic shops, or through online services like mycomicshop.com, twaw.com or mailordercomics.com.

I’ve read through the final book – and had a few good laughs. The content continues to do a great job of skewering well-established narrative themes. Something we all know Grimm is great at in the fairytale world. Fun to see him doing his thing inside (literally) the pages of the comic world.