oz film writing

is underway! since arriving in hong kong i’ve taken a little time to draft a rough outline of the trilogy of films and am submitting it to the producers.

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  1. it would be great to send a few pics or rough drafts of the upcoming
    game/movies of OZ

  2. hey american, we have talked before threw email, since our last little chat i finished alice (sorry this makes me proud im not always good with computer games) and have been eagerly awaiting Oz and Grim? is Grim even part of your agenda anymore…??? i really hope so because it sounds totally wicked!!!! back on topic GET ON IT not to be rude but i love all the shit you do i have been on american withdrawl here i cant help it well thats my comment i hope you listen!!! Love Ya! Jill (ur biggest fan)

  3. Hey American.

    I just wanted to mention your American McGee’s Alice blew me away. I’ve
    always been into the whole, “dark aspect” of those stories, since I was six
    and stuff, while reading really old pop-up books of Alice In Wonderland
    and The Wizard of Oz (or whatever the books were actually named, I’ve
    forgotten). I wanted to state that after only the first few levels of
    Alice, I was hoping you’d make a sequel, but of the Land of Oz, so when I
    heard you were really doing it, I flipped my lid.

    I hope it comes to fruition, both for you guys making the game and for us,
    the consumer.

    I hope you don’t forget about the vicious Crocobears, either! Even today,
    I find the Crocobears one of the creepiest monsters conceived, alongside
    the Jabberwock (which I must state you did an awesome job making even
    scarier, the theme to him has even become my pitch dark scary driving

    PS: I noticed you’re working on Red Riding Hood too now eh? Awesome.
    There’s another game I was hoping to see you one day make >=D

    You Rock Man!
    – Thor

  4. Firstly, I know you get this a lot, but I have been obsessed with the whole Twisted Tale idea since I played Alice. A friend recommended it to me, and I am hooked. I cannot wait until OZ. I already plan to buy the book, and see the film: it should be great.
    I heard about Dark Wonderland, but I’m not really sure whether it will be a hit like OZ. Anyway, just to say: Thankyou. Your games and ideas are great, and don’t stop.


  6. I don’t know how much longer I can wait. It seems like an eternity since I found out about your upcoming OZ game and bought my Oz figures. I can still remember the excitment I felt when I saw the figures online for the first time and how incredible it was to see them in person when they arrived. That was YEARS ago though! Since then I’ve seen a few pics of the game, and learned that you are indeed working on the Trilogy of movies, but THAT’S IT! I don’t mind being teased a little and made to wait, but this is more like torture. I know quite a few others who are getting weary of waiting for SOMETHING in regards to OZ. Maybe some new pics, character info, new figures, updated movie info, just something to keep our interest alive. You’ve got a lot of fans out here who have had to be quite patient, and I think they deserve just a little something for enduring all of the mental torture of waiting and not knowing whats up. Don’t you think that’s only fair?
    You seem to have a lot of projects going on, and I just fear you are going to spread yourself too thin and lose it all by not focusing on whats important – YOUR FANS! Please don’t take this as hate, cause I only have the highest respect for you. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  7. OZ, BABIES!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! Now, get back to the game!!!! Mr. McGee, i have spent countless dollars buying your products, man, im sucked in, have you ever thought about combining your wicked genius with Todd McFarlanes wicked genius¿ You both seem to be running in parallel, a combined effort would continue to keep me in the poor house. Insubstantial rumors and near-sighted venture capitalists are holding you back, hit the lotto and make me proud!!!!! Still, can we expect more toys, games, memorabillia, and other assorted collectibles to make their way to the masses¿ How about the movie? and the game? are they still expected to see the light at the end of the tunnel¿ I sure hope so, i sure hope so. YOU ROCK, KEEP ALICE, OZ, RED, AND GRIMM ALIVE!!!!!

  8. I’m not trying to be negative, but I would really like to see an Alice movie! I think with your creativity and having a director like Tim Burton and Wes Craven side by side the movie would have the visual feel of your image and the horrific feel.

  9. My niece is obsessed with Alice. Her birthday is coming up and I thought I should look to see if there was a sequel. So right now I’m a bit disappointed. I am, however, happy to be able to tell her the movie is in the works and your working on Oz. But I’m still stuck without a birthday present. I’ll keep looking, you keep working.

  10. I will not say much but I will say it proudly : I AM WAITING ! ( in fact i almost can’t wait for it to be done :P) Mr. Mcgee WORK WORK WORK it must be done as soon as possible …

  11. Hi.
    Like all of you i’m waiting for more games with the dark touch of American.
    Anyways, i read the news on this page and noticed
    “None of that seems to bother McGee, as he continues to play in the dark, much the way Tim Burton has done in his movies.”
    Posted on 09.30.05
    I’ve seen a couple of Tim’s movies and I like them. One I havn’t seen yet is The Nightmare Before Christmas. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107688/
    Then I also noticed that there was a game based on this movie being released now in October.
    The screen shots look kind of cool, me likey likey.
    Well, maybe it’s worth checking out. I’ll start by renting the movie and see if I like it. 🙂
    — ingmar

  12. Oz? I like, no, LOVE the idea! Mr.McGee, You are one of the better videogame designers of today.
    Sephone is awesome 😀 !

  13. Ummm….loved Alice…interested in “OZ”…..but can’t seem to find it to buy…..even if it sux, i’ve bought the three available figurines, ‘cuz i love the looks and gothic adaptations….would love to play the game, but…………..uhhhhhhh?

  14. Hello M. McGee,

    I love Alice and i’m certain Oz will be as creepy and fun. Is there any chance Alice will be upgraded to be compatible with WinXP?

    Also, have you ever considered lending your artistic talent to creating an Alice Tarot set? It would be pretty cool! (I collect decks).


  15. Hey Mcgee, never really thought about commenting but, here goes. I’m a big fan of alice but, now that there are so many other twisted tales coming out i’m sad to see them taking away from uniquness of “Alice”. Your work has made a major impact on my own, everything I sketch always has a Mcgee feel to it. Thanks for the great inspiration and gameplay. Can’t wait for more. 😉

  16. Hi A. McGee

    FINALLY! finals are over for us and i am relxing by playing your Alice game with my sister XD
    I recently found out that you’re working on OZ.
    You’ll do an awesome job. Your work will blow every gamer away as it has done before!

    best of luck!

  17. when i first played the alice demo it was the best game demo i have ever played in my life!then when i got the game it was so great it almost blew me off of my computer chair!i loved it!and the whole’dark aspect’wow!and the effed up wonderland,sick puppy type people,skeletal cheshire cat,and gothic alice,whats not to love?nobody can make a game like you mr.mcgee!you are one of the best video game designers of the century!it doesnt bother you that you continue to play in the dark,i like the dark aspects! you are the best game designer of the time!(creepy i look almost exactly like alice.eek!cool!)
    I love Alice and i’m hoping Oz will be as creepy and fun. Is there any chance Alice will be upgraded to be compatible with WinXP?because i am recently trying to reinstall it on to my new computer so i can enjoy the insanity!

  18. I finally bought Alice this year. No offence to Lara croft, but Thank you for breaking me of the “TombRaider” gridlock.
    Is there a possibility in making a sequel to Alice: I mean there are two books about her adventures? Please?

  19. Hey AMG, looking forward to the alice and oz movies and the possibility of an oz game excites me I love Oz, always have. Your Alice is insanly brilliant. 🙂

  20. Dear Mr. Mcgee,
    I have noticed that you are over-working yourself. Being a great fan of your work and ideas, I would advise you to pace yourself and work on one project at a time. Oz seems like an awsome game, and I hope that you get to create it like you want to fully, unlike Alice.

    P.S. Personal opinion- Work on Oz as soon as possible. I don’t think any of the rest of your fans can bare the despair of not have Oz in their hands.

  21. i too eagerly await the arrival of a twisted Oz in some form or another.

  22. I’ve played Alice at a friend’s and I loved the game, unfortunately my computer isn’t good enough to play it but kudos.

    Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite movies, so I’m looking forward to your rendition.

  23. can you please make a ps3 version of Alice!
    That would be awsome. My pc disk doesnt work anymore :(.
    Dont know why.
    Ive bought another one and it was fine and then it stopped working…

    Im well excited about Oz, Alice the movie and….Red ( whatever this is ).
    I Love your ideas.
    Keep up with the genius creativity!


  24. I have to say i love your games even more now!yup it’s me again!Movies now,you are definately the new enstine!The most popular games are definately your most popular.I’ve been cosplaying as alice for the past 3 years!and won the look alike contest every time at the cosplay conventions!
    and a sequel to alice does sound like a great idea.Not intending this as a request just adding some ideas and using whats left of what my mind is.i’ve played alice so much i think i am beginning to go mad myself.i hope i’m not.

  25. Tell us more abouth this “OZ” game. Alice is absolutely fantastic – it has to be the most exciting game I have EVER played – I put that down tho the gothic feel and daunting look of wonderland. Please make this gothic! xxx

  26. I would love to know more about Oz! Is it already out? If not, when? What About Red? I must know more! If Alice is any sign, these should be FANTASTIC!

  27. Yo, American! Its been a year since this post. How are things coming along? Im dying to see this.

  28. please tell me that Oz is still coming out because i really want to play it! TELL US SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!

  29. personally i’m an “Alice” addict and i’m sure you’ll create something of Oz just the same beauty… will the church be after the witches? and will that “artour” (i think) guy, the main hero will have special dialogs or will i be like a shoot-them-up game… i just wondered and i thought maybe someone was wondering the same..
    i hope these apes with wings will be there, and the wheelees…

    i already created a fanart : http://www.deviantart.com/view/34798816/

  30. Owning fanart omri. I absolutly loved Alice. It was so beautifully morbid. I can’t wait for Oz.

  31. hey i loved Alice i thought it was very beautiful i always loved twisted fairy tales b 4 i evn knew about alice so instantly i was in love with it Oz has always been one of my all time favorites i saw some one saying to make it a shoot em up game please dont do that i feel it would ruine the whole aspect of Oz just hey can we make dorothy really hott and pretty yeah and make it have more of a magical aspect to it or Oz could be where she goes after death or something n e ways have a nice day

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