wouldn’t you like to know what this is about?

-Update, October 12th 2006
Just a little FYI: “Red” as a project is something that I’ve been working on for the better part of a year. It’s envisioned as a full-blown entertainment property with game, film, and other components. Development on Red is, for the time being, on the back burner. This will likely be the 2nd project I run through the new Shanghai studio, so expect to see more on it around mid-2007.


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  1. Wow, Red Riding Hood and Oz? Oh, now that’s awesome beyond belief! Alice was absolutely beautful… been obsessed with the Cheshire Cat since I was three, and that freakin’ game made me cry. Is that lame or what? XP Honestly, I don’t want you to release any information at all! I’d rather it just be a big suprise. Heh, are you gonna turn any other stories into twisted tales, like Peter Pan or Snow White? That would be scary as hell… Snow White scared the jeebers outta me.

  2. God, I’ll laugh if this ísn’t something about Red Riding Hood.. Anyway, whatever it is, good luck with it! I’m currently playing through Alice and is certainly impressed! Nice work and keep it up!

  3. Sweet. I love scrapland, alice and bad day la was good too. Please make oz and red. I need more of your creative games!!!

  4. Ummm–do you ever finish anything? –VERY Sagittarian, of you! You seem like you’re just spreading yourself too thin and all we get is stoopid gangsta rape and pillage games…you might as well create a zombie game…then, you’ll have OFFICIALLY crossed over to sell-out…i’m about to sell my OZ figures, ‘cuz i really have nothing to reference displaying them!
    ..ummm-and the red riding hood thing is sooooo tired…………could we, AT LEAST, have updates on the Alice movie? You know that’s the one everyone’s waiting for, so just DO IT…my god in HELL, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] This Red is totally my inner badass.  I used to pretend that it was Lucy, but she’s just too pretty.  Yes she has her vectors and her ability to heal super quick and her bloodlust that’s so damn sexy – but life is about scars and gashes and the missing bits that tell secret (or not so secret) tales of hard fought battles won and lost.  Red bears all of these scars with a proudness that looks so grim it makes her beautiful.  I don’t know her backstory yet, but I intend to find out. […]

  6. AMerican sir, please consider putting your games on pc and ps2 as well as xbox because there has been a fire hazard associated with the 360s lately.
    i’m looking forward to your red game and oz game. Oh, and when do you think the Alice 2007 trailer will be out?

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