wouldn’t you like to know what this is about?

-Update, October 12th 2006
Just a little FYI: “Red” as a project is something that I’ve been working on for the better part of a year. It’s envisioned as a full-blown entertainment property with game, film, and other components. Development on Red is, for the time being, on the back burner. This will likely be the 2nd project I run through the new Shanghai studio, so expect to see more on it around mid-2007.

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  1. Are you turning Little Red Riding Hood into a twisted tale? If so..Kickass!

  2. Omg are you turning little red riding hood into a twisted tale???

  3. I want to marry you American. You are such a genius god.

    Now, isn’t that an ego booster :). Please make Red into a movie!

  4. If it’s another twisted tale game, I’ll be waiting. Red Riding Hood
    fighting it bare hands with the Wolf in a bloody battle, it can only be

  5. What is a twisted tale. And what does it mean when american turns a game into a twisted tale.

  6. “wouldn’t you like to know what this is about?” – uhm…yes! It would indeed be nice, if you could post some info on this matter – since you are so kind to ask(!)

    Please make this dream come true – You do have fans you know (really big fans)…. :o)

  7. I wonder how can a whole game come out of the “Red Riding Hood” alone. The story is so
    short that the whole game should have one or two levels. Maybe McGee will add a lot of
    his own twisted stuff. Or maybe he’ll mix other fairy tales with it. I hope that within
    a few years(decades) we’ll be able to see something because there were so many promises
    and now we’re still waiting to even hear something. Twisted fairytales rule! Peace.

  8. American Mcgee is amazing. …..Whatever it is… a game, a movie, a graphic novel, a compilation CD of folk songs as sung but decapitated nuns…. I’d give in to it.

  9. Man….. U know how to captivate an audience dont u!? The detail you’ve gone into about this, is fanominal! you can be a real bastard! But you rock with all the Ideas you come up with, so I know you know what your doing and i have complete faith in you with what ever you decide to do. so… ROCK ON MAN!!!! ROCK ON!!!!

  10. And what’s the next of “Red”? “Blue”? (A twisted tale about Blue Prince), “Yellow/Gold”? (Goldilocks), “Grey/Ash”? (Cinderella), “White”? (Snow White)? “American Mcgee’s Grimm” could be divided into chapters of colours, and the level boss would be this strange people (they’re quite mad and twisted in their original story).

  11. OH SWEET!!!! Little Red Riding Hood in a Twisted Tale! It’ll be so friggin’ awesome. I’ll be waiting anxiously.

  12. This is awesome!!!! First with Alice, and now with Red, you really need to turn these into movies, i swear you’d make a damn fortune just alone.

  13. Go for it!!! If what you did for Alice you can do for Red, Im all for it.

  14. e.e Eehhhh… I am too happy fpr words! And yes I know e.e does not look very happy… But it is. Anyway… AAAAAAAH!!!! You evil cool guy! If you were my neighbor and I just moved into the town and you gave us cookies because we were new I would give you a hug. That’s how cool you are. Be proud. Yes indeed. Oh and I believe someone said something about having a game called “Gold” for Goldilocks. (Which I think is a bit too short to make a game out of, but pish-posh what I think) On your original home page the background image sort of looks like Goldilocks… I mean I see a girl with gold hair… And three bears! And some other guy… But yeah so maybe that’s what was supposed to be depicted??? Maybe not? o.o I dunno. Well keep up the god work! If you can pull off Red as well, I would put on a hat and then take it off to you! Woo! -shakes her hat at you- Don’t not make me do it! Cuz I will!!! Yeah… Okay… Sugar is wearing off. Look forward to Red xD So post more about it please. x3

  15. Hey If your gonna make a Little Red Riding Hood one when can you guess it’ll come out? Maybe about 5-7 years? Just wondering not to rush ya!

    ~Alice fan Meira

  16. Awesome stuff man. You are the best! I have relived American Mcgee’s Alice at least 5 times, just to see the Jabberwock (hence the name) and the Red Queen herself. You could make an awesome, very creepy game out of Little Red Riding Hood alone, without incorporating other stories. You, my friend, are one of the emperors of game design. My hat is off to you.

  17. How can you put a dark twist on Little Red Riding Hood?It’s pretty twisted already.

  18. Kick ass! I never knew there was stuff besides Alice. This is so awesome. I love the game and am currently stuck in the bullfrog part, but whatever this is awesome. Hats-off to you! I’m buying your new games!

  19. Ridiculous question :] OF COURSE ! Alice was a true mater piece but i am ready for the new episode of the true dark and wonderful tales :] Mr.Mcgee I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN ! please make note that because of you i have started working on my own project 😀

  20. I have been looking for something that even remotely compares to Alice, and so far have fallen way, way short. It makes me sad.

  21. i love alice, and cant wait for red and oz!!! keep going with the tails and try cinderella, snow white, and watever else!!!!!!

  22. wow, if red riding hood is made into a twisted game, i’ll definately be wanting it, alice is my favourite game ever, i love horrifying fairy tales

  23. NoOo, Little Red Riding Hood is going to be one of the tales in the up coming Grimm game. So I doubt that he would separate the tales into their own twisted tale, It’s just not long or elaborate enough.

  24. YAY!! ur gonna make an Alice movie!!! yes!!!! (for those who dont know they are making a game based on Alice) what happened t OZ, red, and brother grimm. im lost on the brothers grimm what is it???

  25. I’m just throwing this out there, but I think Robin Hood is just perfect for a twisted tale. The story has been retold by so many different authors that there’s room for style change. Also, it has more length then Red so there’s that problem out of the way. Of course the characters as well would translate to the their surroundings flawlessly. And lastly the locations would be amazing. Sherwood and Nottingham would be great settings to a twisted tale. But I don’t know, I’m just throwing it out there.

  26. Dear Mr. Mcgee,

    The concept of turning red riding hood into a twisted tale is making me excruciatingly ecstatic.
    I used to read all the tales you are planning to twist, except for the Grimm Bros.

  27. Check out Ken Wong’s website,

    He has a character design up for American of Little Red Riding Hood. Stumbled across it today. It’s the first picture under Character Design.

  28. I have a good idea for a twisted tale.Have you ever thought of turing “The Lion,The Witch,and The Wardrobe”into a twisted tale.The backrounds and everthing are so beautiful and flawless.Only the characters also need a twist into the gothic nightmare side.Narnia would be a stunning location for battles,blood/gore,and what-not.
    Just this is making me think of the alice game when you say blood and gore,or if you show me a picture of myself.I scare myself sometimes.

  29. I really liked the American McGee’s Alice! I’m really excited to play the Twisted Red Riding Hood game and this new Wizard Of Oz game that I heard is comming out! I also heard that the Alice gameis going to become a movie? If it is, I’n sure its going to be awesome and I will see it!

  30. I Loved Ken’s concept art for “Red”. I really hope this comes into production one day. Little Red Riding Hood is such a fresh inspiration too, considering it has few commercial ties. (no animated disney movie, like Alice)

  31. american mcgee you are a one of a kind,rock out loud, genius.i have played alice so many times i need a new game!!! i cant wait till you make the others.

  32. Little Red Riding Hood is twisted enough as it is, folks ^_^. Just check out Jin Roh version:

    Once upon a time there was a little girl…
    who hadn’t seen her mother in seven years.
    Her mother had dressed her in iron clothes,
    saying “When you wear out these clothes
    you may come to me,”
    The little girl rubbed her clothes on the wall trying to tear them
    Finally she did.
    She got some milk and bread…
    and a little cheese and butter…
    and set out for her mother’s house.
    In the woods she met a wolf.
    He asked her what she was carrying.
    “Milk and bread, and a little cheese and butter,”
    she answered.
    The wolf asked for some…
    but the girl said no, it was a present…
    for her mother.
    The wolf asked whether
    she would take the path of pins…
    or the path of needles.
    The girl said the path of pins…
    so the wolf hurried off down the path of needles…
    and ate up the little girl’s mother.
    Finally the little girl reached her mother’s house.
    “Mother, unbar the door!”
    “Just push on it. It’s not locked”…
    …answered the wolf.”

    “Just push on it. It’s not locked”
    the wolf answered.
    But the door still wouldn’t open,
    so then she crept in through a hole.
    “Mother, I’m hungry.”
    “There’s meat in the cupboard. Eat some.”
    It was the flesh of her mother, killed by the wolf.
    A big cat jumped up on the cupboard
    and said…
    “That’s your mother’s flesh you’re eating.”
    Mother, there’s a cat on the cupboard
    “It says I’m eating your flesh.”‘
    It’s lying,
    of course.
    “Throw a wooden shoe at it.”
    The little girl, having eaten the meat, was thirsty.
    “Mother, I’m thirsty.”‘
    “Drink some wine from the jar.”
    When she did so,
    a little bird perched on the chimney.
    That’s your mother’s blood you’re drinking.
    “You’re drinking your mother’s blood, you know.”
    “Mother, a little bird on the chimney says
    I’m drinking your blood.”
    “Throw your cloak at it.”
    Having eaten the meat
    and drunk the blood…
    the little girl turned to her mother and said…
    “Mother, I don’t know why, but I’m very sleepy.”
    “Come over here and rest.”‘

    The girl undressed and approached the bed…
    where her mother lay in a strange position…
    with a hood pulled over her face.
    “Mother, what big ears you have.”
    “All the better to hear you with, my dear.”
    “Mother, what big eyes you have.”
    “All the better to see you with, my dear.”
    “Mother, what big claws you have.”
    “All the better to catch you with, my dear.”
    “Mother, what big teeth you have.”

    The girl undressed and approached the bed…
    where her mother lay in a strange position…
    with a hood pulled over her face.
    “Mother, what big ears you have,”
    “Mother, what big eyes you have.”
    “Mother, what big claws you have.”
    “Mother, what big teeth you have!”
    And then the wolf…

    ate up Little Red Riding Hood.

  33. Did any of you stop to think for a second that maybe the Red tale is going to take place AFTER the grandmother incident? Because everyone is fully aware that the story itself is too short.

  34. The original comment is as follows:
    Dear Mr. Mcgee,
    The concept of turning red riding hood into a twisted tale is making me excruciatingly ecstatic.
    I used to read all the tales you are planning to twist, except for the Grimm Bros.

    Comment by Casey — 12/23/2005 @ 8:14 pm

    My comment to Casey: The Bros Grimm wrote all the original fairy tales. Have you ever read Repunzel? Hanzel and gretal, Ginger Bread Man, and quite a few others. All those fairy tales were orginally dark and twisted and sweetened down for children throughout the ages. They were written to scare children and entertain adults.

  35. Yes, I’ve searched everywhere for more info on “Red” but couldn’t find any hehe. I hope we get to learn more soon. I loved Alice.

  36. Okay, red riding hood idea is kwl, but imagine if there was some sick & twisted version of peter pan? A gothic peter pan convincing an outcast, down-&-out wendy to another world of wars with diferent tribes?
    I wonder what else mr.mcee’l do…

  37. ok so tell us about the game.
    “Start at the begining… and when you get to the end…. STOP!”

  38. Mmmm, you bet your sweet ass I do! RED… is this another one of your twisted tales? Is this gonna be like ALICE or is it going to be a fluffy little story clothed in wolf’s skin? You beta not disappoint! Or else hey … so wot’s this I hear (read and see) Alice the movie not going ahead? That sound’s just a bit…”the following terms used are censored for children’s well being”…lol, yer you get my drift. Keep up the pleasing work. Good luck with OZ! Field day.

  39. Are you kidding? Damn hell, of course we want to know. Not only because of your Alice, I started my own story about RRH called “Red Revolver Hood”; a story in which Red is locked up in the sanatorium for killing her grandma got freed by her “sister”… Pretty bloody, pretty weird, like the original story on LSD… anyway…

    Back to you, America 🙂

    What is the story? What are the main characters and enemies and how INSANE will it be?

  40. Big russian hug! Just wanted to tell that Alice is known here (across the ocean) too, and some of us who were lucky enough to play it are eagerly waitin for new masterpieces (scrapland-was awesome)! Though it’s prety much impossible to find any oficial version here…it’s sad :'(

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