happy chinese new year!

it is the year of the cock! i’m in shanghai where outside it sounds like anti-aircraft guns are being fired… fireworks here are abundant and cheap. if it weren’t for the fact that it’s pouring down rain i’d be afraid the city might catch fire.

below is a picture from last night of the chinese new year festival in hong kong’s victoria park. the entire city shows up to walk around the massive outdoor market, purchase cock-related items, and scream nonesense at one another.

chinese new year


2 responses to “happy chinese new year!”

  1. It looks like news years in China is quite fun and noisy.
    Hmm, just wanted to say I simply love your work. Can’t wait for more news!

  2. WOW! I was at the new year market in HK. being 6’7″ I stood out quite badly and was shouted at loads. one of the busiest places I have ever been. if only I would have spent more time learning the language I might have understood what they were shouting at me. (also I saw them selling brand new boxed NES systems! ace).
    am going back to HK next new year as it was the best.

    love your work.


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