Ken Wong – Bad Day L.A. Interview

Team Xbox has a nice interview with Bad Day LA art director Ken Wong. Many of you are familiar with Ken Wong because of his work on many of my twisted tales properties including Oz and Grimm. From the interview:

What were the most difficult challenges you had to face in order to create the game art?

Ken Wong: Rather than technical problems, the biggest challenge has been the cultural divide. American and I are English-speaking westerners in Hong Kong, while most of the BDLA artists are in our Guangzhou studio in mainland China, where they don’t speak English or receive much US culture. So it’s been very challenging firstly just communicating with them, and secondly trying to explain to them some of the more esoteric jokes in the game. To overcome this, I’ve focused as much as possible on using images for communication rather than words. I think they still don’t get the jokes, though.

You can read more about Ken’s adventures in art directing in the full article.


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