Return to Normal

Just back from a nice bit of R&R in Bali. It had been a while since my last “real” vacation… over 2 years if my memories are correct. Sometimes I forget what it feels like to be away from email, internet, and work for an extending period of time. Since starting TMIEC my business partner and I have maintained strict work hours and days. We’re at the computer and working at 6am, have a brief lunch, and then back at work until at least 6pm. Many nights I find myself continuing work after dinner and up until bedtime around 11pm. Saturdays are “half-days”, meaning I usually try not to work after late afternoon. Sundays we take off. Or at least try to take off…

Suddenly disconnecting from this schedule is harsh. I found myself waking at 6am, wanting to consult some form of “todo list”, and trying to schedule events throughout the day to precise :30 minute increments. So sad. Fortunately, Bali comes equipped with lots of stress melting drinks, mind numbing sunshine, and other forms of distraction. Unfortunately, I think I left my brain in Bali. Oh well…

Some pictures from the trip starting with the rainy Hong Kong that I left behind.

bali beach

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  1. Welcome back! Wow, those pictures are awesome. My favourite is the sixth one, that one of the beach. So pretty! And here I am in boring Toronto doing absolutely nothing. Or nothing worth mentioning. -__- I need to go somewhere mind-numbing.

  2. Bali is overrated..but amazing nonetheless.
    I recommend Bunaken Island off the coast from Manado, Indonesia, you can snorkel there and the fishies would come up to you coz the island is almost untouched. Plus amazingly inexpensive too.

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