Cellar Door Publishing

A partnership between myself and Cellar Door Publishing was announced today. The deal will put in place an outlet for graphic novels based on properties like Bad Day LA, Oz, and other twisted tales. I’m really excited about this, my first foray into the world of print. From the press release…

Cellar Door Publishing
Portland, OR %u2013 August 11, 2005 %u2013 Cellar Door Publishing and The Mauretania Import Export Company (TMIEC), a Los Angeles based videogame, film, and television production company, have signed an agreement to publish graphic novels based on the American McGee properties Bad Day LA, American McGee’s Oz, and American McGee’s Grimm.

Below is an image of the Big Bad Wolf (rough concept artwork by Ken Wong) that shows the kind of characters you can expect to see in the upcoming works.

wolf side

5 responses to “Cellar Door Publishing”

  1. Oh that is so cool!
    I hope this turns out to be a big, great thing! I would really love to see more of your projects!

  2. i can’t wait to see more of this pic of red and the upcoming games that pic is awesome to look at.

  3. Congratulations. Hopefully now with a name in print, publishers will find TMIEC to be a ‘good investment’ and finally take the ‘risk’ and pour some money into some game development for you.

  4. I think this game is cool! Ha rosszul irtam akkor azér ven mer nem tudok angolul. Amugy tök király! 🙂

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