IGN: Bad Day L.A. Preview

I had hoped to send regular updates from the road while on the Bad Day LA PR tour… as it turns out, an unhappy combination of hectic schedule, serious jet lag, and sleepless nights led to no such updating. If I can get my brain to function while on the 12-hour flight back to the Land of Won Ton Mi, I will attempt to put together some account of the tour.

I can say this: the tour was a success and Bad Day LA was very well received. A quick thank you to Kyle and Sibel from The Bohle Company and all the editors and writers that we met with while on the tour.

Some fruit from our labors… a nice write-up by Dan Adams over at IGN:

The subject matter of Bad Day L.A. is certainly something that most Americans can understand. We live in a culture of fear about terrorism and disasters when really, there’s not much any of us peons can really do about either. The idea of the game is to poke fun at the culture that promotes this fear by landing every type of disastrous occasion possible (and some impossible) in Los Angeles on one fateful day. Everything from terrorists and meteor showers to zombies make Los Angeles a living hell in this comedic jab at society.

Read the whole article here:
IGN: Bad Day L.A. Preview

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