Bad Day LA PR Tour

Leaving Hong Kong this morning for the US. Will be taking Bad Day LA to a variety of game magazines for preview coverage.

Over the past two weeks the development team working on the project has been busting ass to get the demo levels ready. The game I’m leaving with today looks great, plays well, and is a lot of fun. Great work guys!

While on the road I’ll try to do some ‘coverage of the coverage’. It will be interesting to see the first reaction to the game from the press… especially during such a disaster focused time.

First hurdle: Getting a few dozen BDLA 9000 nail clippers past customs in Los Angeles.


4 responses to “Bad Day LA PR Tour”

  1. Yesterday,I found there is a game named Alice,I was shockd to see the trailer,it said”What else is wrong, Alice?’

    ‘Something is… broken…’

    ‘What is broken, Alice?’

    ‘I am…’ ”

    yes, Alice is broken, and fairy tale is nightmare now.

    I download the demo, and I love this game.
    I think I should start a new life on the day I found this game.
    Thx, American
    Alice in Shanghai

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