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I remember reading once that public speaking is more terrifying to most people than all things, save death. I have to agree. And so it is with much confusion in my brain that I agree to participate in speaking engagements at all. The X:Media:Lab event that I attended last week was no less frightening, but on the bright side, was one of the most rewarding of such experiences to date.

The basic idea was to bring together a collection of “mentors” such as famed game designer Noah Falstein, horror author Matt Costello, and all-around smart guy Mark Meadows to work one-on-one with a group of local game developers and developer hopefuls. The result was quite amazing.

People who have been creating games for decades had a chance to share the intimate details of their experience with teams and individuals who are just starting their games careers. Add to that the electric energy of being in Asia and you get something really worthwhile.

The conference served to confirm my feeling that Asia is the place to be these days if you’re an entrepreneur in the interactive entertainment space. More and more I feel that trying to start something fresh in the US is a bigger than necessary gamble. Many of the participants at the Lab agreed. It seems the American Dream is being replaced by the New Old West of Asia.

Check out X:Media:Lab if you get a chance.

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