Crunch Mode

If you were wondering why it suddenly got so quiet around here… Bad Day LA production is in “crunch mode”. We’re trying to get things finished up soon, then spend some time on polishing and tuning. Progress is good, but crunching is never any fun.

On top of that I’m trying to put the finishing touches on the Oz film story. Work on the film project has been going well. Looks like I might be starting on the actual script writing soon. Wish I could give more details, but then I’d have to kill you. Speaking of, you know the bit in the original story where Dorothy enters Oz and lands on a witch? We borrowed it for BDLA, so now there’s a little bit of Oz in the game!


(Crunched Pimpmobile – Bad Day LA concept art)


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  1. I understand crunch mode is excrutiating for programmers putting in 80 hr weeks, but what sort of pressures does it put on the design team and the producers? It can’t be as bad as what the coders go through, can it? I’m not saying you don’t have shit stacked on you, I just want to learn for my own future reference.

  2. The elegant metaphorical symbolism of the “crunchiness” in the picture has left me in tears, overwhelmed by its masterful beauty.
    Oh, and good luck putting the finishing touches on the whole project and your work on Oz. I’m sure they’ll turn out awesome!

  3. So, does Dot walk off the subway car??? I am also waiting on a witch’s pointy hat for the OZ story. After seeing WICKED for the 3rd time this past weekend, and having brunch with Greg Mcguire the following day for SON of a WITCH signing, I am really in an OZ mood. Thanks for keeping the OZ story alive!

  4. I’m in love with the concept of Oz, and I think it’s cool how you incorperated a bit of Oz in to Bad Day LA! By the way, do you have ant concepts of Mallues from oz?

  5. See, I knew those Pimpmobiles couldn’t go that fast! It makes perfect sense; shit flying around everywhere, tidal waves, meteors, the train car flys off the rail and some poor dude just trying to scan his turf and keep his bitches in check hits the gas to avoid crunchitude, but don’t you know it– the car just bounces up and down a bit instead of going faster. Tonight, I drink to that unnamed pimp who lost his life for the sake of ambient environmental accuracy.

    This one’s for you, brother.

  6. Hey, good luck with the Oz script…I’ve been hoping and wishing that you’d make it ever since Alice came out, so I’m glad to hear it’s still coming along. Don’t forget the crocobears! Everyone forgets about the crocobears.

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