New Year

Happy New Year! Whew, been a while since the last post. Things have been hectic trying to get Bad Day LA wrapped and kicking off on new projects. At this point production on BDLA is nearly at its end. The team has done an amazing job so far, and the final product will be something they should be proud of. Next month I’ll be heading to Los Angeles to sell the film version to a studio.

Last week marked the official start of writing on the Oz film screenplay. One week in and things are going pretty smoothly… working on a detailed outline and a scene by scene breakdown. So far so good. I expect the entire process from first draft to final script will take up the first half of this coming year.

For the next year I’m planning to stay in Hong Kong and intend to focus more on writing and new property creation. I’m moving to an out of the way place called Lamma Island. It’s about 20 minutes from the heart of Hong Kong by ferry. No cars, very few people, and lots of quiet. A good place to focus. So many good concepts were placed on the back burner during BDLA production. I’m anxious to get back into the world of fairytales and nightmares.

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  1. Thats the ticket man, supplement your game design credits with traditional linear writing. The industry needs more of that.

  2. Finally… I thought you died. Haha. But it’s good to hear from you again and things working out really well for you.
    Happy New Year by the way.

  3. That’d be nice. Those of us that saw you on TechTV 5 years ago couldn’t believe that OZ wouldn’t be out until the end of 2003. Imagine how we feel now. You rock and good job but…FINISH OZ!

  4. No one is more anxious for you to get back to the grind than your fans. Waiting for your games to come out is somewhat like waiting for Reservoir Dogs to come on the Woman’s Television Network.

  5. Congrats to you and the team on Bad Day LA. Have fun in your mind this year. Can’t wait to see what finds its way out.

  6. Glad you are doing well, Mr. McGee. BTW, Don’t get too hectic over hurrining up on oz, a good game can take years. 😀

  7. Ah, I’m looking forward to your take on OZ. I am a hardcore fan of the Oz books, and I would much rather see your take on Oz than the Broadway musical or the Maguire novel.

  8. I hate comments that say something like “FINISH OZ!” It’s a wonder that people have respect for artists at all in this society. Maybe I’m just cranky, but American has let us see a personal side of him, open to the public, and now you’re wasting his time with taunting messages? Come on people, think before you post.

    Anyway, Lamma island sounds awesome.

  9. i have no idea 4 ur games but welcome 2 lamma! hope 2 c u soon! cos i have not so many frds here and i just had a bike crash then i’m hurts! i hope 2 share my music, my culture, my stories and i want 2 have a dinner with u guys 2 sok ku wan, i think that’s a good trip 4 you! hope 2 see u soon!

  10. i’ll show you a way is good for your fairy tales there’s snakes everywhere! haha!

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