Year of the Dog

Another Happy Chinese New Year! Last year it was fireworks in the streets of Shanghai. This year some friends and me watched the fireworks from my roof deck high above Hong Kong. The main display lasted for something like 30 minutes! To be honest, I got a little bored halfway through and went back to BBQ’ing. There were just too many fireworks! After a while there was so much smoke that you could no longer see the fireworks. The picture below will give you some idea just how much smoke there was. This was taken a half-hour after the show. You can see that most of the city is still blanketed in a massive cloud. If it hadn’t been for the fireworks none of that haze would have existed.

Anyway, should be a great year. From what I understand, my “Rat” sign “does not anger the God” this year. Woof!

HK Smoke


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  1. I’ve always wanted to travel to Asia, and it sounds like Hong Kong at this time of the year would be ideal. Maybe by the time I save enough money for a plane ticket for myself and my wife, the human race will still be around.

  2. Hey American, you should write an article for The Escapist’s issue on China (in may I think) about your experiences as a designer living over there. You could call it “An American Game Designer In Hong Kong”, or whatever. Either way you should definelty check out the magazine:

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