Alice Film Update

Film producer Scott Faye gives an update on the status of the Max Payne and Alice films. From the Yahoo Games (John Gaudiosi) article:

“The script that we have now blends the spirit of the original work by Lewis Carroll with American McGee’s unique vision of the mythology to create a story that is very compelling,” said Faye. “What makes this different from other situations is that we have our Alice and we have a director that has a very visceral sense of how this game world should look on the big screen.”

The article goes on to say that filming on the Alice film could begin as early as this summer. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. Cool. Looking forward to that movie. I really loved AM’s Alice’s design.
    If only more games has world designs like that. Psychonauts for example also has a very creative world design.
    I just hope they won’t spoil the movie with useless special effects just so show off they can create them. Although I wonder if that is even possible with Alice.

  2. May we finally get some high-quality videogame adaptions to the bigscreen!?
    There have been a few decent ones, but none have really impressed. I’m keeping both my fingers, toes, and eyes (AGH!) crossed for these movies.

  3. Yes! Finally, some actual physical news on the movie! It’s good to hear that we can hope to see it soon. I’ve been waiting for years and I don’t think I could have waited much longer! I’m sure it will be a great movie!

  4. I’m glad to hear that the movie is coming along. I was told that it wasn’t going to be made at all. I’m so happy, but I stand by my last comment.

  5. Yes! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this movie since the speculation about it started back in 2001-ish, I think O_o. Great to see that its finally getting off it’s training wheels!

  6. I played the game it was wicked awesome. So I can’t wait for the movie. It will be awesome.

  7. I love this game. I love the darker side to Alice. I can’t wait to see it made into a movie.

  8. Hello!
    Im just here to say that im very excited about the movie.I cant wait to see it when it comes out!This game saved my life.It saved me from depression.(you probubly haer that alot!)I feel like i just wanted to let you know.If it werent for this game and your imagination…I think ive might have died!

    Make a ps2 version for the movie!Im sure youll make even more moola!Ill be the first to buy it too!

  9. an evil alice in wonderland, it was like i died and went to heaven…in a manner of speaking i can’t wait for this movie to come out i loved the game and alice in general! american Mcgee rocks!!

  10. *happy dance* YAY! i was losing hope that this wouldn’t happen *cries* but is and and…YAY! the game was great!! i

  11. This has made my day a movie of my favourite story am alice sic carnt wait i loved the game so artistic you must have a huge imagination loved it

  12. I can’t believe their making a movie. I think it will be a great idea to work with and hopefully they can pull it off to be a great box office hit. I loved Alice and had a blast playing it. Especially because the characters were awesome creations,haha, I loved the way they were drawn. Anyways, That just makes a movie a big plus in my book. I wonder who they have cast? Haha, I envy the person who stars the role of Alice. I’m guessing the director of the film is not Tim Burton but how awesome would that be if it was. That would have been awesome mix. Oh well I am uber excited for this upcoming film!

  13. I am an avid fan of Alice and enjoy the bent reality that Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass created. I was impressed when the game took that reality and bent it more. The story line of the game has all the potential of being a great game based movie, which has been incredibly hard to come by. Such as Blood Rane and sorry but I have to say Doom as well were extreme downers to the gaming genre. If the movie stays to the story line created I expect the movie to be incredible and will be a movie that I will cherish in my heart the same as I cherished the story created by the game, Good Luck.

  14. I’ve been waiting for years also…I love the game, I hope the movie won’t disapoint after such a long wait!

  15. Hey, I recently heard about your new film scheduled for 2007. I borrowed the game off a mate and can’t wait! I’m actually buying the game for myself tomorrow, and so I have been getting into all of your other stuff. You have a lot of talent by the way! Keep at it!

  16. I’m very excited about a movie being made from your interpretation of “Alice”. I think your dark perspective on an age-old fairy tale to be, at least, invigorating. Don’t let Hollywood ruin it. Maybe have it filmed in a foreign country?

    I give you kudos on your work. I’m a huge fan of “Alice” and hope for you the best.

  17. A fellow Texan, I became a fan with Alice. I couldn’t stop playing the game. I was excited to hear the movie started filming. I’ve waited for a long time and actually gave up on the film being made. I’m hoping it won’t be ruined like Doom was. Can’t wait to see more on Hansel and Gretel. An original, yet sick mind American has. Later on.

  18. I’m a fan of the video game Alice and i would love to say that i have enjoyed the game a lot.
    Due to its freaky storyline and gory gameplay i beg and wish for American McGee to remake his previous Alice game.
    Honestly, i would buy a digitally remastered version of Alice if it ever reached the shelves of a nearby gaming store.
    I was also excited about the Alice Film but i’m worried whether the storyline will be changed or the cast.
    I just hope my dreams come true and also great work to American McGee!

  19. keira knightly!!!!! she looks and sounds just like the original “alice”. anthony hopkins with the voice of the cheshire cat, tilda swinton as the red queen of hearts and and patrick stewart as the voice of the griffin. with a cast like that and the genious of the idea itself…how the hell can you go wrong? i love sarah michelle gellar, but keira is hot right now and a perfect fit. and she’s, most likely, more than willing to take on such an anticipated role. for six years fans and others have waited for this film to begin production, myself included. it would be a shame to let down so many devoted fans. thanks. -m@

  20. If they make it like the game it will be spectacular… But as we all have seen, hollywood screws up the game-to-film adaptations… I think American Mcgee, should be directing the film honestly…

  21. I think phantom of the opera’s Emmy Rossum would have made a grest Alice! her first evil role! (well, sort of evil! Twisted role!)I think she should shed that good girl image a bit!

  22. I’ve played the game. I was intrigued and captivated through my whole experience with Alice; from the cut scenes to the little journal included written by her psychologist. I am looking forward to the movie with high expectations, but I have one question: Will an Alice 2 or an Alice revisited appear on the gaming scene after the Movie hype? Computer capability has no doubt evolved exponentially from the old version, and I’d like to see a masterpiece concept like Alice take advantage of the movie attention and technology to become something greater.

  23. LOOOOOVE Alice. My seven years old has nightmares about it but he can’t bring himself to stop watching me play it. When is Grimm coming out?

  24. My goodness, McGee. I’m worried about the movie, for I don’t seem to like the cast one bit. But I’m sure it will be wonderfull! Also, yes, another game, maybe for PS2, would be wonderful. I LOVE the original one, but I can’t seem to use the controls very well. Stupid ugly Dutchess. Anyhow, kudos to you! Keep it up.

  25. Loved the concept of the game. I have high hopes for the movie….as the only game-to-film movie that doesn’t bomb. Thak goodness a certain person directing a certain Dungeon Siege movie isn’t going to be the one directing it.

  26. personally, i thing gellar will do a great job. a lot of people think its a weird casting but she is a very talented actress and it is just other roles she has played that can be decieving. looking forward to it it sounds great. the game is awesome so the feature film should be brilliant!!

  27. yes!!thank you. a movie with a good blood and guts. to see alice kill people will be so so very cool but come up with a better plot then the game. but us the beginning form the game. you creepe game player eddy

  28. I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since i first heard of it back in 2000, I’m very excited to see it’s up and running. I loved the game, the characters were very well done and the story went well with caroll’s original story. I just hope the characters will be as colorful in the movie as they were in the book. Good luck with the film.

    -Love Trent, A.K.A Lurch

  29. Excellent. Started playing the game and it is as twisted as fark. I love it.
    I hope the movie gets the weird and twisted aspects of the reality down pat. I do wonder if calling it Alice or Alice in Wonderland will get the fundies over in the states all riled up though :-/

  30. I literally just heard of and played the wonderful game “Alice”. It’s amazing. I loved it.

    I’m a little skeptical over Gellar being cast as Alice, though. I can’t really picture it, but we’ll just have to wait and see how she does.

    I’m just praying this doesn’t turn out like Doom… D:

  31. If they are going to use the same music style as Chris Vrenna made for AM’s Alice PC game, it should give the whole picture a great atmosphere…

  32. Three cheers to the movie finally coming out! My friends and I have spent many a late night enjoying the game, the artwork and acquiring cheers from filled movie theatres and parties at Halloween due to some of the costumes we have made. The game is alive and well still!

    As much as I cannot wait for the movie to come out I was horrified to see Gellar cast. The girl managed to ruin Ringu to my dismay. Half way through the film I realized I was cheering on the ghosts and praying to see her swing from the rafters or eaten. I can only hope that Nispel, whose directing repertoire is suspect as well, can drag the ability to act out of the Gellar waif and doesn’t get it into his head to tamper with something that does not need it.

    I will spend my time in the meanwhile with crossed fingers hoping Hollywood does justice to this all around amazing game.

  33. I think you’re wrong. I am so happy about this movie and Gellar will do a great job! She’s not the only one who made the last movie so, I don’t see how you can blame it being retarded on her.

  34. well,it s cool,but i think it would look better if it is a computer really exited.i like the story and spetually the charecters.

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