6-6-6 Edition Bad Day LA Videos

In celebration of 6-6-6 day I thought I’d make mention of several new apocolyptic Bad Day LA videos which can be downloaded here.

The one titled “Traffic” shows the cataclysmic opening scene from the game. “Subway” and “Hospital” are also pre-rendered cinematics from later in the game. These videos serve to tie together the action between the levels and generally set up the next disaster the player will encounter.

I don’t know who named these files. I would have named them “terrorist attack”, “train wreck”, and “meteor storm”. Not sure how compelled people will be to watch something called “hospital”. Snore. Anyway, boring names aside, the videos are fun to watch.

PS, here in Hong Kong we already lived through 6-6-6 day. It was pretty uneventful, although there were scattered reports of Apocolypse Ponies eating Chinese villagers.

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  1. I think the only interesting thing that happened here was that a frame-by-frame modern reshoot of “The Omen” was released in theatres. *snore* It’s hard to believe that we didn’t have Xians rioting in the streets or something…

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