Vykarian @ ChinaJoy 2006

For some time now I’ve been involved with a video game art outsourcing venture called Vykarian, located in Shanghai and founded by my buddy Xin Chung. We’ve been building towards an eventual goal of the “best and biggest” outsourcing venture in China. It’s our plan to establish art “factories” which are capable of cranking out content for all forms of digital media.

As I’ve stated before, my ultimate interest in this venture is directly related to my desire to establish a game and animation film studio under one roof (Twisted Tales anyone?!) It’s also clear to a lot of people that in the near future big publishers and developers cannot build next-gen AAA titles without the assistance of dedicated outsourcing factories. And a best case scenario is to have those factories managed by people experienced with actual game production. That’s Vykarian for you.

During ChinaJoy 2006 in Shanghai this week, Xin and I will be running around promoting the wonders of China art outsourcing. Maybe we’ll see you there?


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  1. Sounds like an interesting concept. I’m hoping big name developers and publishers will see Vykarian for what it is worth, and use its resources to the fullest extent possible. It’s good to see that all innovation and free thinking has not gone out of the industry just yet.

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