brand new: Packaging = media

Recently Ken Wong and I were invited to work on a series of wine labels for new wine company Vins Gagliardi. Company founder Pete Gagliardi wanted to introduce the dark simplicity of our twisted fairy tale concepts to a new arena. This has been one of the more interesting and fun applications of our work. The result of our collaboration has been reported on media blog “brand new”:

brand new: Packaging = media
Apple gets it. Innocent gets it. But few brands utilize their most abundant and free form of media – their packaging. Here’s some good examples of labels from a new wine company (admittedly run by a friend) that give the brand a very different, interesting feel.

And the labels themselves can be seen here:



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  1. Nice! I love the Red Riding Hood one. Definately awesome. An Alice one would’ve been cool too. Speaking of which, what’s the word on the movie?

  2. Input visuals like those in your next fairy-tale themed game, and I’ll quote Steven Ramsoomair with a “boner get!”

    Of course, in a video game, I’d expect them to be a bit more detailed and fluidly animated.

    Art style can do a lot for a game, though it’s definitely not the defining quality.

    But original artistic graphics like those in Okami and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker really helped make those games unique.

  3. As a wine lable, I prefer the first one altho I don’t drink. The key point which attracts me is the color. It makes the whole picture give out a strong rural flavor.

    For the second one, It’s typical Ken Wong style and somewhat similar to the Alice or Zelda (Except the her eye. I feel this eye lurk more things than Alice.).

    Not only the Ken Wong’s picture but the game Alice makes me think about the westen fairy tale “The Wizard of OZ”. Maybe I should take time to read it again more carefully.

  4. Ken Wong is no hard man to respect. Unfortunately wine is not my favorite beverage. Does this mean your next project’s packaging will feature something neat?

  5. Nice labels, but for that first one, isn’t it a little odd to have art depicting a German fairy tale (Rapunzel) on a label for French wine? You could just as well have picked something French, like another Mother Goose tale.

  6. I’m one of those lowbrow wine drinkers that often picks a bottle because of the label. Thus the labels should serve Mr. Gagliardi well for visual consumers like me. Heck, I buy things based on packaging all the time, I don’t even know what most of the products are…

  7. Cyril, given that a number of Grimm’s Fairy tales originate from a lady with Hugenot roots(sry, the german article was the one with a picture), I do not find this odd. The history (and folklore) on this continent is far more intertwined than history would like you to believe 😉

  8. Heya American,
    ever thought about “Twisted Bible Stories”? This really could be fun, IMHO.

  9. American, Pete’s bro Tony here, just wanted to say a big thanks to you and Ken for working with us on this wine project.

    I am happy to announce that my group has finished the website

    Thanks again, although I am sure this is not the last time we will be dealing with you.

  10. Some great labels there, makes me want to order a bottle to put on the shelf… but as ever there are limited guidelines on shipping, and no information on shipment to the UK.

  11. I know I’ve arrived late to the admiration party, but the artwork on these two labels is awesome.:-) Just had to comment.

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