Mainstream Download #2

Just yesterday I posted a note regarding the reemergence of downloadable content – and the relationship of this to casual games. Today I read the following news on Gamasutra:

Telltale Gets $6 Million In Investments
Telltale Gets $6 Million In Investments Sam & Max developers Telltale Games have announced the closing of a six million dollar round of investments from Granite and IDG Ventures which it says will be used for new titles, new platforms, and ramped up staffing.

In a statement, Telltale said the funding would be used to “drive growth in existing and new episodic series, allowing the company to continue defining and refining new models for interactive entertainment and digital distribution.”

Awesome! Congratulations to Telltale on this news. So far they’ve come closer than anyone to proving the episodic model. It’ll be interesting to watch what they do next. (My advice: smaller games!) (Not that they asked for it.)


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