Month: October 2007

  • Alice Halloween

    Spicy Horse artist Tyler Lockett did this Alice image in celebration of Halloween. Cool, huh?

  • Grimmy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween from GameTap! To mark this dark day, they’ve launched the official placeholder for the official “Grimm” site. Check it out here. And they’ve prepared a spooky Halloween card for everyone:

  • Happy Halloween!

    Dear Insane Children,  Woooo! Halloween! Our favorite night of the year! Alex brings you a TREAT  – a further evolution of the Alice poster he’s working on. He says of this… Happy Halloween guys! I just wanted to get this one into you tonight, another WIP, and you can see this poster has turned into…

  • UE3 Level Designer Incubation

    My entrance into the game industry was a bit of pure luck. In 1993, John Carmack plucked me from an illustrious job as auto mechanic and dropped me into the role of tech support/tester at id Software. I was a high school drop-out with few prospects, a passion for games, and a strong desire to…

  • Yellow Mountain – Company Trip

    Last weekend, as part of a Spicy Horse team building adventure, we took the company to China’s equivalent of the Grand Canyon – Yellow Mountain. Also known as Mt. Huangshan, Yellow Mountain refers to an area of scenic mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and gorges in Anhui province. Our adventure began at the Spicy offices in Shanghai.…