My What a Big Mouth You Have

When writing design scripts for Grimm episodes we’re constantly challenging ourselves to present the most interesting characters, items, and locations. It’s sometimes frustrating how many generic “castles” appear in fairy tale stories. But we’re excited when a tale offers us the chance to explore a truly unique location, as is the case with this image:

Wolf Mouth

This is the interior of the Big Bad Wolf’s mouth. We created a Grimm level inside the Wolf – using his mouth as the entrance – for the “Red Riding Hood” episode. You don’t want to know where the exit is!

2 responses to “My What a Big Mouth You Have”

  1. Kind of reminds me of that level that they had in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that took place inside a whale (Lord Jabu Jabu – just googled it). I suggest you check it out – it could help you make something even better.

  2. I just watched a quick video of it on YouTube and now I think you probably already have it beat – lol. Somehow I misjudged how dated that game really is… but anyway, that’s what your post reminded me of. Now I look forward to your ‘twisted’ adaptation of this concept.

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