More Christmas Fun

Christmas Holiday in China isn’t that big a deal. Mostly the Chinese use it as a ploy to push more stuff at retail. Then again, that’s what it’s become in most parts of the world. The Chinese just aren’t as good at masking the underlying capitalistic nature of the holiday. But give them a few years, I’m sure they’ll learn. On a positive note, the holiday is kept mercifully short.

And so, we’re already back at work!  And I have more concept artwork for you:


This is a nunnery from  an episode I’m not allowed to name. (Aren’t rules awesome?) In this image you see the before and after of a building which becomes a bridge. The in-game cinematic shows the building being pushed into a river of lava by nuns who are converted into winged demons. Nothing says Christmas like demonic nuns and lava!

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