Look Ma! No Hands!

This character comes from one of the more gruesome tales we’re dealing with. As you can see she’s been “given the chop” – rendering her handless:

Girl No Hands

Since my days at id Software I’ve been a fan of  blood, gore, lava, and guts. Back then we used to revel in “gibs”, laugh when imps were exploded into meaty showers of goo, and thrill to the screams of space marines bathing in lava. With “Grimm” I’m excited to once again be dealing in a fiction where blood fountains and rivers of lava are prevalent.

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  1. This post actually makes me feel so relieved. Up to this point most of the (rather cartoony) concept art for “Grimm” made me really worried that the final game might not be the McGee-ishly twisted and blood-drippingly macabre piece of art I was hoping for but more of a simple, burtonesque children’s story.
    As I can see now from this handsome yet handless (hoho) girl and you mentioning “blood fountains” being “prevalent” in this game, you haven’t lost your spirit. Thanks! I think, I needed that reassurement. ^^

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