Chopping Block

Today you get the chopping block:


During level review this afternoon I was delighted to see some gruesome in-game chopping going on. When Grimm converts normal Lumberjacks into insane ax murders, they run around hacking at each other and any nearby forest creatures. Bloody fun!

7 responses to “Chopping Block”

  1. I have to admit, I’m also concerned about the simplicity of these textures.

  2. What’s wrong with “simple textures”? Honestly, is Assassin’s Creed necessarily a better game than Prince of Persia because the texture density is higher? Are Wii games with “simple” art any less fun than next-gen 360 games?

  3. I thing they look good. They might seem a little strange out of context, but a world with simple pieces can look much better than too much complexity. Think about Team Fortress 2 and how great it looks compared to

  4. Weeeeelll, to be honest I think you’d find more people willing to say yes to your AC/PoP comparison. Also, Wii is more of a game play experience preference than graphics.

  5. hmm. while i agree that massively detailed textures can add volumes to the look and feel of some games (hyper-real shooters etc), i gotta say i LOVE the environment that these tex’s will build.

    The textures that the grimm team have picked have a much more illustrated, story-book feel that i think beautifully captures the innocent/evil states of each object/character.

    i can’t tell u how refreshing i think hey look. well done!

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