Hell Hound

Today’s image is a Hell Hound. A flaming good example of something cute and cuddly becoming evil and scary when influenced by Grimm’s dark power. I particularly like NPCs that vomit various elements – flame, puke, blood, etc.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we create a lot of concept artwork. There are a total of six concept artists currently working on Grimm. They are, in order of appearance, Nako, Yuan Shao Feng, Ben Kerslake, Tyler Lockett, Wang Shen Hua, and Ray. Together they crank out dozens of new images every week. To date they’ve created over 1000 unique concept images to drive asset production for the game. That’s enough images that I could release 2 per day for the next 500 days… even if they stopped creating art!

As it happens, we’ve just reached concept stage on our 12th episode. That means we still have another 12 episodes to produce artwork for. So there’s at least another 1000 pieces of artwork to come. By the time these concept art machines are done we’ll probably have well over 2000 unique bits of artwork inspired by the world’s most famous fairy tales.

Hmmm… makes me wonder, what sort of interesting things could we do with all that artwork? Certainly, it can help to drive early awareness of the game. But then, what? I’ve always been a fan of big, glossy “Production Art From…” books. And then there’s t-shirts, coffee mugs, and tattoos. What other good use can you think of for all this wonderful art?

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  1. Oh god, an art book would be freaking stellar. Art Books are always awesome, in that they usually have scrapped things, and you always get to appreciate all of the hard work put into the design of a game.

    American, it would be god awful if all of that concept art was just trashed, never to be seen.

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