San Fran-Pirates!

In San Francisco this week for the Game Developer’s Conference. The trip from China was uneventful. It’s been a year since my last visit to the US. I’m struck once again by how *bright* the world is. It’s as if someone has removed a filter from the sun. I remember that sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement – they’re a necessity. Another thing I noticed as I walked around the streets of SF today – how *diverse* everything is. People, cars, bikes, buildings, and even dogs. Everything screams, “I’m different”. As if being different isn’t different at all – it’s normal. Can one distinguish himself by being mundane? Anyway, being back in the city by the sea, I’m reminded of pirates. So you get pirates: 

 Hook Pirate - Stump Pirate 

As we’ve been writing episodes of Grimm it’s becoming clear that Grimm likes pirates. Then again, who doesn’t? They go “arrrg”, sail around on cool boats, blow things up, and get to have hooks for hands. What’s not to like? So expect more pirate stuff in the future matey.  

I’m going to watch American capitalistic pig-dog Tivo. I was really starting to miss that “boo deep” “boo boop” sound.  

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