Grimm Trailer Release

Gamespot and Kotaku are running news of the release of the Grimm trailer. Gametap has also updated the Grimm site with new content – the trailer and some screenshots. Check it out the Gametap Grimm homepage here. To celebrate the occasion, a duck with a broken neck.     


Btw, Kotaku crowd: American McGee loves you too. 

2 responses to “Grimm Trailer Release”

  1. Take a look at this:
    “In the game, the combination of these disciplines will allow us to provide to the same user with different challenges while combining single and team play with both a hardcore and casual gaming style. ”
    What do you position your new game GRIMM? Does this game supply with both single and team play as well?

  2. I was happy to see that trailer surface.

    I have to say, I was originally pretty concerned about the simple textures, but having seen the trailer and screenshots, I now think it will look pretty cool. The light version, which is usually pretty cute (like this duck here), is completely defiled when turned dark. The contrast is what I find great here. Just make sure to also include plenty of blood and gore wherever possible. 😀

    Oh, and please keep the screenshots coming!

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