Grimm in USA Today

I’m heading back to Shanghai from San Francisco. Sitting at Narita, waiting for my connecting flight – I saw that Grimm was mentioned in USA Today:

 If you think Shrek wreaked havoc on the Disneyized version of classic fairy tales, wait till you see American McGee’s Grimm. The former id Software designer and programmer (Doom,Quake) re-envisioned the Alice in Wonderland story in his 2000 computer game American McGee’s Alice. Now, at his Spicy Horse studio in Shanghai, he’s finishing a series of 24 episodic games, each an individual story from Little Red Riding Hood to Cinderella. 

I’m mystified by my sudden elevation to “programmer” at id – I did write minor code, but my title was never anything more than level designer. Anyway, I’m happy to see Grimm getting a positive reaction in the press. During GDC the game received a tremendous amount of positive praise. I’ll collect together more articles and mentions once I’m back in the office… 

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