Grimm Episode 15 – The Pied Piper

Rat Hole

Rat Hole with Poo

Grimm episodes just keep on coming! You might ask yourself, “How do they do it!? How can they release week after week of awesome, original, episodic content?” Because we’re a machine my friend. A machine. Oh wait, that was last week when “Iron John” was on offer. This week it’s… let’s see… rats! Lots and lots of rats in fact, as Grimm perturbs Piper in Episode 15, “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. Eeek!

And like any good Grimm episode announcement, this one is accompanied by a review from our old friend David Craddock at BigDownload:

“The Pied Piper isn’t the best Grimm entry, but it is one of few episodes that deviates from its typical formula. Even those familiar with the tale will enjoy racing to the end to see what American McGee and his Spicy Horse cohorts have in store for the children, and those unfamiliar with the story will have even more reason to push forward.”

Not the best, but not the same. Hey, not bad!

Head over to GameTap, Stimulus, or TryGames and give it a nibble. You might like it – even if it is a bit cheesy.


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