Month: April 2009

  • An American Interview

    Long-time press friend John Gaudiosi has presented a nice interview with me over on In it we discuss Grimm, the new Alice game, and making games in China.

  • Grimm Episode 22 – Thumbling

    ehold, Episode 22 – Thumbling! To say this is a twisted episode would be a huge understatement. Just one look at that bit of key concept artwork, and you’ll know where going places no previous game has gone before. Probably with good reason.

  • Grimm Comic Episode #2

    Chaos ensues as Grimm enters the romantic comic book world! Join Larry and Sally as they struggle to survive a flesh-craving duck attack, a senile taxicab driver and an army of puppies to be together. Will true love be enough to conquer Grimm? I wouldn’t bet on it!

  • The Importance of Story & Character

    At last, a game with a truly meaningful story! Check it out HERE.