Are you ready to lose Alice?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you believe in Alice and her Wonderland. The question is – have you proven your belief by supporting her latest adventure?

Let me share a secret with you… I’m worried. I’m worried about Alice’s future. Why? Because a fan recently wrote me and said, “I’m going to sit this one out. I don’t care about the Otherlands animations, I just want the game.” This made me realize that I really need your help to save Alice. I wrote back and explained, “The success of the Otherlands project will prove the value of Alice to people who think the audience just isn’t there.” “I get it, I love Alice, but I can only give you $5,” came the response. It warmed my heart and made me realize it’s your passion that keeps me tied to Alice. The project gives me reason to get up in the morning, but if that support doesn’t come then I feel there’s little to motivate me to keep going.

People just like you are backing. They are making a difference.

Here’s what I need you to do: I need you to keep the long term picture in mind. I need you to back this project in any amount. Why? Because this isn’t just about the Otherlands animations – it’s about showing the world the importance of Alice and her Wonderland.

There are 11,000 people following the Alice: Otherlands Facebook page and over 30,000 people seeing posts from that page. If each of those people lent just a little support, our campaign would fund successfully in a matter of hours. We could show the world once and for all how important Alice is to us.

Won’t you help me do that?

Support Alice now!

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