Dance of the Flaming Skull Fairies

Dear Patrons, 

We’ve got a final version of the initial Wonderland scene and some renders of Alice’s “Ash Dress” from behind with focus on the Flaming Skull (sounds like a yummy drink). 

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Here’s my response to Joey’s latest drop of artwork and ideas. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

A couple of points to consider… 

  • What about an arsenal of weapons focused exclusively on “fire” as a concept?
  • How else might we leverage a “light on command” Flaming Skull?
  • Any further feedback from cos-players on the Ash Dress design (front and back)? 



The final version of the Wonderland environment is wonderful! The nutcracker is great – it’s reminded several people of a scene from the original game in which we’d also placed a giant nutcracker. I think this image will be great as an opening to the presentation we’re working on. Please be sure to send me the final hi-res file. I will also be printing copies of these to send our high-level supporters on Patreon.

Regarding future environments and the connection to colors – I do think your suggestion is a good one. Let’s connect each area to a primary color and complimentary color pallet. The next area (emotion) we’ll see is Anger – and anger is usually represented by dark red colors. That means we should expect to go into an area of Wonderland dominated by red – so let’s try the domain of the Red Queen. 

You can read about the Red Queen here:

Because she is a chess piece we should expect to see her kingdom structured around elements from a chess board. This was something we did in the first Alice as well. Though in “Alice” the area was presented as black and white – devoid of color. As you see here: 

For the Red Queen area this time I think it would be nice if you showed Alice outside of a castle. She can be surrounded by a sort of red/angry forest and plants. Maybe we can see there are guards at a large gate which Alice must find a way to get past. It could be around sunset so that the sky has a fiery red appearance as well? The point is to have the castle look more organic and colorful than what was presented in the first game. How do you feel about that? 

We also need to start thinking about weapons and skills for Alice. One idea presenting itself to me comes from the Flaming Skull on the back of her dress. We could build areas in which Alice must use the skull in order to navigate the darkness – or to keep monsters at bay. The skull can only burn for a limited time (10 seconds?) and after that, it must recharge. If she’s caught in a dark place or surrounded by monsters when the flames go out – she dies. This would lead to some interesting timing puzzles. 

It also opens the theme of “fire” as one of Alice’s primary weapons/skills. Perhaps we should explore a number of fire-related ideas for weapons? Fire is something kids love to play with – matches (flaming darts), fireworks (timed bomb), kerosene (lamp/flamethrower), ash/soot (cloaking or choking cloud/area of effect), etc. Let me know if you have other ideas – and we’ll ask the fans the same. 

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