A Lulu of an Art Print + Hatter’s Back!

Dear Patrons, 

As we head into November we mark the 2nd month of pre-production on Asylum and unlock the first art print for upper tier Patrons. These will be signed and shipped this week and should arrive within 20 days. They’re printed on a high quality oil painting canvas and measure 48x100cm. They will make a stunning addition to your Alice collection! 

I’d like to know if everyone would be OK with my adding these to the Mysterious shop for sale. I don’t think these were marked as “exclusive” to Patreon, but I don’t want to upset anyone’s expectations. I’m thinking about pricing them at $100 as to match the level of commitment made by those who are backing here on Patreon. Thoughts? 

On the business development side of things the Asylum project continues to attract new and interesting attention from potential financiers and publishers. This is excellent news for the project overall and helps us move closer to making a 3rd game. Yay! 

We’ll discuss all this during our next stream…

And another live stream is scheduled for November 7th @ 5:30pm PST!

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder, and watch the stream. 

Meanwhile, Joey and I continue fleshing out art while design ideas float up from the creative process we’re all taking part in. Glad to have you all along! 

Let me know in the comments below what you think about “young Hatter.” We’ll go through your comments during tomorrow’s stream.

Here’s the latest… 

November 4th, 2017


I think it would be good to see something from the Mad Hatter next. 

In the first two games his domain was quite interesting – a lot of machines, gears, steam, etc. I think we could show his domain like the “beginning” of all that… smaller, more simple, but still lots of gears, machines, levers, … like a factory. It would also be interesting to see him a little less mechanical. Maybe we can start to tell the story of how he became like he is in the next two games – in this game he starts more normal and then, because of the war and his experiments, he starts to become more like a machine. 

What do you think? 


I did some linework for hatter, do not want to change him too much… or shall we make him very different? Shall he also have something burnt? Maybe his dress has smoked stain or burnt edges…He is supposed to be ‘younger’ and not quite crazy, I give him some thin hair (not so obvious on line drawing), and arranged his belt in a more normal way, ah, also reduced the number of the belts. He should still be a whole person, I mean nothing mechanical on his body yet. Oh, is he still going to have green skin? or shall we try a blue-pale one?

So, how do you think? I am keeping the editing quite safe.

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