Goal Unlocked! Thank You!

You did it! Unlocked our $2500 goal which adds another illustrator to the Alice: Asylum pre-production team. Yay! I’ve already emailed Sonny with thoughts on where he can get started – Wonderland characters! Expect to see new images of your favorite Wonderland characters like Dormouse and March Hare, Jabberwocky, Mock Turtle, The Carpenter, and more… 

Because art is so critical to this process I’ve created a new goal at $3500 which would add yet another illustrator to our team.

So far you’ve helped us unlock faster internet/VPN which improves our weekly live stream quality. And you’ve added another illustrator. Hitting the next goal and adding one more illustrator will help us visualize our pre-production design and narrative work more quickly. After that? 

I believe physical collector items – art, resin models, plush toys, pins, and the like – will be crucial to our crowdfunding campaign next year. Yes, we all want to contribute to making the next game a reality but it’s easier to attract support when there’s an immediate physical reward in addition to the long-term promise of a new game. 

That means we should start looking at 3D models of characters, 3D prints and casts of those models, and manufacturing of physical item samples. I expect our goals beyond $3500 to be closely connected with those efforts. 

What items beyond design, art, story, and rewards do you think are critical to telling our story and running a successful crowd funding campaign in 2018? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll discuss during next week’s live stream!

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