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Dear Patrons, 

Another round of images from Joey just arrived! She continues her work on Hatter’s domain and sketches for Hatter’s attire. These images are inspiring all sorts of story and drama in my mind. I can’t wait to explore these areas and re-visit these characters in-game! 

October 11, 2017



I did some quick design of Hatter’s place exterior, also did another version of hatter himself, with a coat like the original fairy tale.

For his place, the structure on the huge teapot is stone/brick castle instead of machine, but there should still be some gears, outside of the building and inside the teapot. I have 2 outshape of this one, one normal, the other tilt one, I feel it’s more intresting. The rendering is also one more normal, porcelain teapot and maybe the building on top is also made of china; the other is quite old, nasty, burnt style. Maybe his place used to be fine china, then something happend, Hatter got mad and burnt his place…

How do you think? Also which stage of emotion are we going to link to hatter’s place?




These look really cool. I have a couple of ideas… 

For the Hatter’s domain and castle… What you’ve done is really nice. I’d like to see you add a couple of smaller floating islands around the main island. Include a lot of green and beautiful garden areas as little floating islands connected to the main island – places where we might find Hatter having tea with his friends during the daytime. Since tea is coming from China you can also include a feeling of China – like you said, the castle is made from a clean and beautiful China and the area around can look like the mountains from Guilin in China. 


This idea and theme was hinted at in the trailer we did for Madness Returns. You can see from these screen grabs…


This will be how we first see Hatter’s domain – he might even be included in the Denial phase of the game. Then there’ll be some sort of accident or disaster which ruins his area of the game, destroys the beauty of this place, and disfigures Hatter. 

If we go with that story then I think it makes sense that we first see hatter in a nice coat like you’ve shown him. When Alice meets him we might also introduce his Alchemy Hat for the first time – some new creation he’s just finished. We’ll also see that he’s at work trying to master alchemy – turning things into gold or other precious elements. So you might think about an area which is clearly Hatter’s laboratory. 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 



Also, our friend Jennifer D’aww sent along an image we’ll use to create test samples of acrylic pins for Alice: Asylum. Check out this cool little Mock Turtle! We’ll create a whole line of these featuring all your favorite characters – then we can add them to the Mysterious shop and turn them into Patron rewards! What do you think? 

As always, be sure to leave your feedback and questions in the comments below. We’ll respond during the next live stream on YouTube. Yay!

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