Castles in the Sky

Dear Insane Children, 

We’re back today with another art and story update. Joey’s sent along further studies of the Hatter’s domain and workshop interior.  

I’m a really big fan of worlds in which there are floating elements – like islands and castles in the sky. I’d like to have this feature prominently in the world design for the new Alice game. I can imagine a base domain of landscape above which there are other domains floating in the sky. Alice could travel to these by use of her umbrella (flying on updrafts). 

Lots of ideas floating around my head regarding the integration of alchemy into the narrative and game play. Hoping we’ll explore that topic more in future updates. 

Still waiting on the first bit of art from Sonny – so I’ll give him a poke to see what’s up. 

I’m traveling and away from Shanghai until the weekend… but do hope we can have a live stream on Sunday, 26th. Be sure to leave your comments below and we’ll address those during the next stream!

Speaking of Sonny… For Black Friday we’ll offer his “Mother” print for FREE with any purchase of $65 or more. After the promo the print will be removed from Mysterious and will never return. Promo runs from 11/23 at 11:30PM until 11/28 at 12:30AM. Grab your while you can!



Some quick rendering of hatter’s domain outside and his lab. I will start on detail if we all agree on them.

(I will add some more color to that teapot place to make it look more wonderland, maybe the floating rocks should have some pink or red trees on them among normal trees…)



Nov. 20th, 2017


Apologies for being so slow to reply. I have been traveling and the Internet here is slow/dead. I will make your payment ASAP. 

For the Hatter Domain… I think it’s a good start. Please try to keep the Guilin island/mountain floating in the sky theme. And think about there can be rivers and waterfalls made of tea flowing over the sides of those islands. 

For his workshop, I think it’s really great. One idea to make sure you include: Alchemy. You can put the alchemy symbols around on various bottles and tools. This is a very important element of Hatter’s story. In the game we’ll use alchemy ideas a lot. 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! 



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